Allrounder for the MID-season
  • NEW in the MID-season
  • Very good taste with juicy berries
  • Shiny and uniform berries
  • High production

Sonsation is the newest variety in the MID-season segment. The variety Sonsation is very productive, with characteristics as: a sensational taste, exceptional taste, firm and uniform berries. Thanks to its vigorous growth the fruit size is preserved during the entire production period.


Sonsation is being used in many growing systems, from normal cultivation, cool cultivation until cultivations on substrate in greenhouse and on scaffolding. The variety is not easy susceptible for Phytophthora Cactorum. Sonsation is an easy to grow variety that stays compact. By picking the upward leaves, the strawberries are easy to pick. With great berry features the strawberries of Sonsation are suitable for all trade channels.