an everbearing Elsanta-type
  • Early start as everbearer
  • Highly productive
  • Elsanta appearance
  • Coarse shiny berries
  • Good shelf life and picking performance

Florina is a very productive strawberry variety with good fruit characteristics. This generative breed has a high stable production, which can start as a frigo plant in May.

Cone shaped

The berries are cone shaped and resemble ‘Elsanta’. The fruit color is bright red and is retained during storage. The taste of Florina is average, with coarse and shiny strawberries. Florina is suitable for uncovered cultivation on ridges or in full soil. The variety is also very wel suited for cultivation on substrate. Florina is because of her ‘Elsanta look’ shiny with a bright red color and good shelf life suitable for short and long distance trade channels.