Everbearer with a delicious taste
  • Excellent taste
  • Low deformation
  • Shiny berries, Elsanta color
  • Good shelf life
  • Resilient against root diseases
  • Strong against mildew

Favori is an everbearer variety that fits perfectly in the taste segment. It is an easy grower, but remains an open and long crop. The variety produces easily new flower stems and remains well balanced, and will not soon stop when in production.

Pleasant aroma

The strawberries are long and conical in shape and have a bright red color with a beautiful shine. The flavor is excellent, good sweet and acidity balance with an enjoyable aroma. You will continually keep on eating from the Favori. Favori is suitable for covered cultivation in full soil and substrate. The strawberries from Favori are suitable for direct sales and also fit perfectly into the other trading channels.

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