Beautiful late
  • Late variety and possible to force a later harvest
  • Great taste
  • Beautiful bright colored and uniform berries
  • High production whilst maintaining fruit size
  • Vigorous strawberry plant

Faith is a strawberry variety that belongs in the late segment. Faith is in season 10 days after ‘Elsanta’. It is a vigorous growing variety and has attractive, bright fruits which have a good flavour.

Vigorous growth

Due to the high vigor and spread harvest the coarse fruit size is kept well and there are less misshapen berries. Thanks to these properties Faith also fits perfectly into a one-year cultivation on substrate or traditional cultivation. Faith is not susceptible to most common diseases. Faith has upward leaves, so they have little trouble with botrytis and the berries are easy to pick. Due to high vigor, wider spacing is recommended. The strawberries of Faith are great for direct sales and other marketing channels.