Janus Goossens

We deliver quality since 1958

In 1958 Janus and Moeke Goossens founded the company. It started out as a mixed farm, in which strawberry production was always present. In 1980 Jos Goossens, the current owner, came in focus within the company. In that year the first steps where taken towards strawberry plant propagation. The company has since been specializing in the propagation of strawberry plants. Flevoplant became a world player in no time. 17 years later a Polish branch in Radachow was opened. This is a full functioning propagation company which also produces high quality strawberry plants.


In 1999 the breeding branch was set up. Our goal was to develop good tasting strawberries that are able to extend the season. This branch has become a stand-alone company in 2016 and carries the name Flevo Berry. Flevoplant is a proud partner of Flevo Berry and therefore can supply the entire concept of Flevo Berry.
Niels Goossens, third generation of the family, is ready to continue the business. Quality and continuity towards the future are thus ensured. Flevoplant is even more responsive to the current market and we want to supply our clients with the right type of plant.

Experts in strawberry plant propagation

Flevoplant has a lot of strawberry plant breeding knowlegde. We work environmentally conscious and only apply biological and organic resources during the strawberry plant cultivation. Flevoplant offers a wide range of varieties, from very early to very late.