Beautiful bearer
  • Good taste and shine
  • Productive and keeps good fruit size
  • Can reasonably stand the heat
  • Compact plant with good visible berries
  • Strong against root diseases and mildew

Altess is an everbearer variety that is very appreciated by growers and customers. It is an easy to grow variety combined with good taste, high yield and good fruit size. Altess produces beautiful and good tasting strawberries, which retain their gloss and color long after harvest.

Easy variety

The strawberries of Altess are similar in appearance to a variety as ‘Sonata’. The plants of Altess remain compact with large leaves, in combination with long flower stems makes it easy to harvest the strawberries. Due to the balanced production the fruit size is maintained. The strawberries of Altess are because of their great taste suitable for direct sales. They are also suitable for short and long trading channels, it is recommended to pick the berries not to ripe, to maintain optimal taste and shelf life.